Bring your prints of iris photos to the meeting. No matting or framing necessary; prints should be no larger than 8 X 10 (approx. 5 X 7 is encouraged for space considerations).

Enter the photos in one of the following 7 classes:
1) Portrait (2 classes): A portrait of a single iris flower or stalk
- 1A) Bearded Iris
- 1B) Beardless Iris
2) Ready For Your Closeup: An extreme closeup of some part of an iris flower or plant
3) What’s That? A picture of an iris with something else, such as an insect or animal
4) Never Curb Your Enthusiasm: A picture featuring irises in a mass or an exuberant garden planting
5) Lookie Here! A picture of a person or people admiring or photographing an iris or irises
6) Arrangements: A picture of a flower design or arrangement containing an iris or irises

You may submit as many photos as you wish in each of the categories. Pictures can be taken with any type of camera or equipment, in any location. Pictures must be taken by you. You may not enter anyone else’s work. Judging will be by ballot of all present.

The winner in each class will take home a new iris introduction from an ISM hybridizer and get their winning photo printed in color in the IRID-ISM.


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